Hi, I create pretty* things that are easy* to use.



BuildFinder is a simple Java application that helps finding builds for specific items in the game Diablo 3. It scrapes information from the website DiabloFans and stores it locally for quick searching.

Source and a download link can be found on the Github page for this project!



I created this website back in 2012 to get a hang of all the craftable potions in the game Minecraft. The goal was to organize the data in a way that allowed the user to quickly glance the site and get the information they needed.

Technologically the site wasn't very good and I've rewritten it a few times, most recently I implemented a basic responsive design for mobile devices.



I created this website to practice using an external API and building a site around the information that could be extracted from that API.

In this case I targeted the Blizzard API to extract character-information to check whether or not the player had completed a certain task in the game.